Cardamom Essential Oil

This wonderful oil is steam distilled from seeds, it has a fruity, minty and I think slightly floral aroma. This is one of my favourite oils as it is so versatile and can be used for pets and humans alike and is safe to use for most species.
It has many different benefits and features in the popular blend Air for its respiratory benefits but it is also useful for supporting the digestion, the musculoskeletal system, our emotions and it tastes great as well.

doTerra cardamom is sourced from Guatemala where Co-Impact sourcing supports training for farmers teaching best practices like seed selection, planting, harvesting and plant care.  With this training farmers should have a higher quality and increased quantity of cardamom which means they receive a higher price for their products.

I love to use it in cooking and it is so much easier than crushing cardamom pods - I don’t know about you but whenever I use pods I might put 4 in and then fish 4 out but I always end up biting into one……  Add a drop of cardamom oil instead to make an amazing Indian rice pudding and it is delicious.  I also love it as an evening drink to pep you up, or great after a meal for a caffeine free drink which also supports digestion too - my little recipe is 1 drop cardamom, 1 drop ginger, 1 drop cinnamon and 1 drop peppermint in hot water.

I’ve been using this oil a lot recently for my pets.  My cat Holly had a bad upper respiratory tract infection and was sounding like Darth Vader so after a scope and antibiotics as she was so ill.   I was really trying to find a way to help her feel more comfortable so I popped it into the diffuser just 3 drops for her as a smaller space - remember to always allow your pet to leave the room.  A lot of cats don’t like peppermint so this is a great alternative when they need the support that peppermint confers.  I also found 1 drop on a lava rock diffuser by Holly’s food to be great as she was so congested she was not eating so this made a massive difference and you would literally see her take a sniff and then eat.   Topically this can also be applied to the chest the key is always to dilute - for cats 1 drop in 15ml FCO and apply a few drops to the chest if needed  and the same for humans but less diluted as appropriate, for pets over 10kg just dilute 1 drop in a teaspoon of FCO.

It is also a great oil to use topically to provide some comfort to specific areas whether that is over your abdomen or muscles it can help. 

Cardamom is also really supportive for us emotionally as it is uplifting, refreshing, invigorating.  It is great  for confusion as a restoring oil and when used  to replace anger with clear and objective thinking.  I’ve been using it for several months to support my anxious blind dog as we work through some behaviour modifications and build her confidence back up.  A year ago Inka got spooked in the street by a perfect storm of noised sirens, and a van reversing and then sadly the same thing happened in the park with skateboarders, sirens as it is just the other side of the Mancunian Way and basketball players too.  Over the past few months this amazing oil has helped her go from being scared in this environment to enjoying her walks not just along the street but in the noisy park too.  It has not only built up her confidence but her resilience too.  I used cardamom both aromatically in a diffuser and also topically several times a day to help support her emotions in the same dilution as before and I apply this to her chest and along her spine.  Read more about Inka

The same is so useful for us humans too - diffuse around your workstation or maybe if traffic is frustrating for you it is a great one to help keep you balanced in the car.
So if you haven’t tried this amazing oil do give it a whirl as there are so many different ways to use it physically and emotionally  for both us and our pets.   

Want more info on how essential oils can help your health and that of your pets?  Get in touch to find out how I can help you with a tailored plan for you all.

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