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6 Pillars of Well-Being

For good health and wellness we need to take a multifaceted approach and nowhere illustrates this be...

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Collagen - What Is It & What Does It Do?

Everywhere you look someone is talking about collagen and you may be wondering what it is and what t...

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Benefits Of Using Essential Oils

There are so many reasons to use essential oils for our health and that of our pets - I can't believ...

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Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper was an oil I was accumulating and not using so once I had more than 3 unopened, I kid yo...

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Top Tips To Achieve Your Goals This Year

Now it's that time of year when everyone makes goals for the new year and you may already have falle...

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Biohacking Your Sleep

You already know that you’re supposed to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is so important fo...

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Biohacking Your Mindset

You know the cliche phrase “you are what you eat”? What if we change that to “You are what you think...

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Men's Health Month

November is Men’s Health month or Movember - did you know men are dying on average 5 years earlier t...

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Biohacking - Get Moving

Unless you have a very active job (teacher, nurse, postman, fitness instructor, etc) you probably ar...

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Biohacking Your Body

Have you heard the buzz on biohacking your body? Biohacking your body means changing your chemistry ...

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Nature

This warm weather has certainly been enticing for getting outside and is a great time to build a pra...

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Preparation Is Key

Preparation is key - this is definitely one of the key concepts I’ve learnt from dog training - fail...

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Water For Wellness

Good old water is often taken for granted and overlooked in the realm of health and wellness.  Accor...

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Cardamom Essential Oil

This wonderful oil is steam distilled from seeds, it has a fruity, minty and I think slightly floral...

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Essential Oils When You Are Poorly

After dodging the Covid bullet for 2.5 years I finally succumbed last week, it definitely hit me by ...

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This one action will help you meet your goals!

No matter what it is that we want to change, consistency comes into being.   It says that it takes 2...

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5 Ways Essential Oils Can Optimise Your Fitness

Essential oils can optimise your fitness in a number of different ways and these are my top 5 that h...

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DDR Prime _ What Is It All About?

DDR Prime is probably my most used blend after Balance - it is a staple for my dogs and I’ve definit...

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Dementia - Lifestyle Advice to Support Brain Health Before Diagnosis And Afterwards

Dementia is such a cruel illness - although our loved one is there in person we are robbed of their ...

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Essential Oils For Travel

It is that time of year and everyone is talking about going away, so what essential oils can you use...

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