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DDR Prime _ What Is It All About?

DDR Prime is probably my most used blend after Balance - it is a staple for my dogs and I’ve definitely had the benefits of it on more than one occasion.  It is also a blend that h...

Dementia - Lifestyle Advice to Support Brain Health Before Diagnosis And Afterwards

Dementia is such a cruel illness - although our loved one is there in person we are robbed of their real presence.  As an A&E doctor I am so aware of what this awful disease involv...

Are Digestive Enzymes Worth It?

Would you benefit from taking digestive enzymes?  Do you have gut intolerances, skin sensitivity, ligament issues (studies show decreased injury in humans when on a digestive enzym...

Essential Oils For Travel

It is that time of year and everyone is talking about going away, so what essential oils can you use to make travelling a bit easier.  I'm a big fan of going away in my campervan a...

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