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Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreens: Unveiling the Best Protection for Suncare

**Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreens: Unveiling the Best Protection for Suncare**   The sun is our frie...

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Rose Essential Oil

The Essence of Elegance: Rose Essential Oil One oil I never thought was more than just a pretty frag...

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Emotions & The Link To Physical Health

As a doctor something that I can readily appreciate is how the body Is intrinsically linked with the...

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Plant Protein Powder

I am so excited to be writing about the new plant protein powder from doTerra I've been excitedly aw...

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Gut Health - How To Restore The Microbiome

Unlock the Power of Probiotics: In the bustling world of health and wellness, probiotics have taken ...

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The Microbiome And The Necessity For Good Digestion

The human body is a marvel of complexity, with countless intricate systems working together to maint...

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Red Light Therapy - Shedding Light On The Power Of Healing

Red light therapy is a hot topic in the health and wellness community, and for good reason! This sci...

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Unlock The Secrets Of Clove Essential Oil

I often forget about Clove essential oil, it probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind as an a...

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Essential Oils For End Of Life

We often think of using essential oils to support health and wellness but they can also be used so b...

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6 Pillars of Well-Being

For good health and wellness we need to take a multifaceted approach and nowhere illustrates this be...

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Collagen - What Is It & What Does It Do?

Everywhere you look someone is talking about collagen and you may be wondering what it is and what t...

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Peppermint Essential Oil

The peppermint plant is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint and was first described by Carl Linnaeu...

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree also known as melaleuca is an Australian favorite due to its cleansing and cleaning propert...

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Benefits Of Using Essential Oils

There are so many reasons to use essential oils for our health and that of our pets - I can't believ...

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Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian has been used in traditional medicine for centuries dating back to Roman and Greek times.  ...

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Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild orange has a very special place in my heart as it was really the gateway oil to me realising th...

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Helichrysum is one of my favourite oils for my skin, probably what it is best known for but it has a...

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Skin Deep

Have you wanted to reduce puffiness and temporary inflammation in your face and neck? What about min...

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Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper was an oil I was accumulating and not using so once I had more than 3 unopened, I kid yo...

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Top Tips To Achieve Your Goals This Year

Now it's that time of year when everyone makes goals for the new year and you may already have falle...

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