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Preparation Is Key

Preparation is key - this is definitely one of the key concepts I’ve learnt from dog training - fail to plan, plan to fail.  I even spoke about this last night in my Calm Your Dogs...

Water For Wellness

Good old water is often taken for granted and overlooked in the realm of health and wellness.  According to the National Library of Medicine a huge 75% of us are dehydrated and tha...

Cardamom Essential Oil

This wonderful oil is steam distilled from seeds, it has a fruity, minty and I think slightly floral aroma. This is one of my favourite oils as it is so versatile and can be used f...

Essential Oils When You Are Poorly

After dodging the Covid bullet for 2.5 years I finally succumbed last week, it definitely hit me by surprise!  I went to bed feeling well and woke up feeling unwell and as the day ...

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