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AromaTouch Blend

I would never be able to choose just one oil to take to a desert island but if I could choose a few then the AromaTouch blend would be in there.   I use this daily on myself (and m...

Copaiba Oil - Why I Prefer It To CBD Oil

You have probably heard CBD oil mentioned time and time again, but this oil is not the cure all it often seems to be as I will explain,  for my house an alternative product, Copaib...

DDR Prime _ What Is It All About?

DDR Prime is probably my most used blend after Balance - it is a staple for my dogs and I’ve definitely had the benefits of it on more than one occasion.  It is also a blend that h...

Are Digestive Enzymes Worth It?

Would you benefit from taking digestive enzymes?  Do you have gut intolerances, skin sensitivity, ligament issues (studies show decreased injury in humans when on a digestive enzym...

Back To Balance

The past 2 weeks have been a bit of a challenge, but one with an unexpected resolution so 2-weeks ago I had crippling back pain I did parkrun on the Saturday and within seconds of ...

Keeping me Oiled up for Competitions

So I've just got back from a canicross competition - cani-cross is running with dogs and prior to lock down it was something I competed in approximately twice a month.  I came 3rd ...

Lavender Oil & Its Many Benefits

Lavender oil has so many benefits but it is also the most adulterated oil around.  Learn more in my video about its purity and how to use it for yourself

My Guide To Better Sleep

Sleep or lack of must be the number one thing I hear troubling people - colleagues, patients, clients, friends - it plagues our daily lives and the awful thing is people consider i...

Why I Love Essential Oils For My Skin

Skincare is how I started using essential oils.  I had this hyperpigmentation and was aware that it was unlikely to go without some form of dermabrasion an expensive somewhat harsh...

Are Your Essential Oils In The Bottle What They Say On The Bottle?

When I first started learning about essential oils I realised it was a minefield out there with so many different choices it seemed impossible trying to figure out what the best on...

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