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Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is called the King of Essential Oils and for good reason - it has a massive breadth of ...

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MetaPWR & Other New Oils

doTerra has just bought out some new oils which is super exciting they are available individually in...

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Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Now I am guilty of under rating the wood oils - they are not aromas that immediately resonate with m...

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The Phytoestrogen Essential Complex

Forgive me if I rave about the Phytoestrogen  Essential Complex but it literally has been life chang...

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Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric is  popular spice not just for use in cooking but commonly known for its Ayurvedic health u...

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Cardamom Essential Oil

This wonderful oil is steam distilled from seeds, it has a fruity, minty and I think slightly floral...

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Essential Oils When You Are Poorly

After dodging the Covid bullet for 2.5 years I finally succumbed last week, it definitely hit me by ...

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AromaTouch Blend

I would never be able to choose just one oil to take to a desert island but if I could choose a few ...

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Copaiba Oil - Why I Prefer It To CBD Oil

You have probably heard CBD oil mentioned time and time again, but this oil is not the cure all it o...

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DDR Prime _ What Is It All About?

DDR Prime is probably my most used blend after Balance - it is a staple for my dogs and I’ve definit...

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Are Digestive Enzymes Worth It?

Would you benefit from taking digestive enzymes?  Do you have gut intolerances, skin sensitivity, li...

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Back To Balance

The past 2 weeks have been a bit of a challenge, but one with an unexpected resolution so 2-weeks ag...

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Keeping me Oiled up for Competitions

So I've just got back from a canicross competition - cani-cross is running with dogs and prior to lo...

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Lavender Oil & Its Many Benefits

Lavender oil has so many benefits but it is also the most adulterated oil around.  Learn more in my ...

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My Guide To Better Sleep

Sleep or lack of must be the number one thing I hear troubling people - colleagues, patients, client...

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Why I Love Essential Oils For My Skin

Skincare is how I started using essential oils.  I had this hyperpigmentation and was aware that it ...

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Are Your Essential Oils In The Bottle What They Say On The Bottle?

When I first started learning about essential oils I realised it was a minefield out there with so m...

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