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Emotions & The Link To Physical Health

As a doctor something that I can readily appreciate is how the body Is intrinsically linked with the...

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Essential Oils For End Of Life

We often think of using essential oils to support health and wellness but they can also be used so b...

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Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian has been used in traditional medicine for centuries dating back to Roman and Greek times.  ...

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Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild orange has a very special place in my heart as it was really the gateway oil to me realising th...

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Biohacking Your Mindset

You know the cliche phrase “you are what you eat”? What if we change that to “You are what you think...

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Nature

This warm weather has certainly been enticing for getting outside and is a great time to build a pra...

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Stress Is The Number One Killer

Are you stressed?  Then you need to read this. It can be argued that Stress is the number 1 killer -...

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Mind - Body Connection

Did you know that every emotion you experience can be linked to a physical response in your body? 🤯...

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