Younger Skin Without Needles

I hate the idea of needles in my skin and injecting toxins or other unnatural products just to look younger - I do see complications with these products in A&E from allergic reactions to infections and lumpy fillers.  There are other alternatives that don't involve needles and are natural such as Red Light Therapy - Photizo Blush will quickly transform your beauty regime, bringing you softer, and more youthful-looking skin with minimum effort, all in the comfort of your home.
Tackling fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out, Photizo Blush is an easy to use complement to your existing anti-aging and skincare treatments.
Photizo is perfect for:
  • Reducing fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Improving skin texture and tone
  • Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
  • Reducing the appearance of puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles
Throughout   the ages, sunlight (as the earliest form of phototherapy) has been known to have both healing and wellness properties. Light is energy, and energy sustains life – it cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed into other forms.
Photizo Blush’s LED light therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies which are proven to be effective in accelerating the natural healing and restoration of the skin.
LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are non-invasive, painless and do not require recovery time. The Photizo Blush’s LEDs produce a gentle and soothing warmth and can be used on any skin type or colour.
What is it.
The Photizo Blush device is a lightweight, portable and easy to use and understand
complementary and non-invasive therapy for a number of skin conditions. 
The device provides a one-touch pre-programmed effective dosage of red and infra-red light.
Your skin will experience accelerated healing and improved tone without side-effects.
How it works.
The red light increases the energy in the cell which leads to faster cell regeneration and helps
prevent cell death when applied within 4-6 hours of injury and ultimately leads to quicker healing and recovery. It clears inflammation and increases lymphatic activity and increases circulation and regulates collagen production. It increases the immune system activity and provides pain relief and calming by increasing endorphins and serotonin.

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