Rocketo Dog Food
I love this food for convenience when I forget to defrost raw or for camping. It is 100% human-grade ingredients from organic certified sustainable farms or ethically wild sourced. This is so important, as many foods contain multiple contaminants that can do more harm than good. Purity is the key to success.  Dehydrated raw fresh ingredients maintaining all the nutritional benefits of a raw food diet, nutritionally balanced and complete as well as sustainabley sourced with a low carbon footprint and vet approved.
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Really love this book - it was one of the first I used in learning about essential oils for my dogs and cats.
Hug PetFood

This has become a new firm favourite for my daily dogs needs.  I want ethically sourced food (that really is ethically sourced from birth to humane slaughter but without plastic packaging.  The folk at Hug PetFood really have managed to do this and best of all they do a great cat food too that my cat absolutely loves.

 Different pets have different needs. Our cookable raw, traditional raw, and cold pressed ranges are comprised of vet approved recipes that support all ages and target specific health concerns.

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I really found this book useful years ago for my reactive dog and this is the new updated version.  So many useful tips to use in training of anxious and reactive dogs to help them be calm.

Kachina Canine Wellness
Complete canine wellness course by Dr Isla Fishburn.  I thoroughly recommend this course and for my WPW followers there is an amazing 20% off when you use the code KACHINA click on link below
Complete Canine Wellness
Last year I completed the Kachina Complete Canine Wellness Course run by Dr Isla Fishburn it was absolutely amazing and all the videos and resources available to keep for life.
It has made a massive difference to my practice with my dogs and also heightened my knowledge of things I was already doing but didn’t particularly know why – that inner knowing!
I especially loved learning about functional characters and it explained a lot about some of the less desirable behaviours and why dogs do what they do. It certainly helped my multi-dog household. In particular helping me understand the fear that my blind dog experiences due to her early life and her disability.
I really recommend it – science along with energy healing and plant therapy all as one as it should be and how complete wellness is so much better when we are aligned. Not to mention how we co-exist with our faithful friends in the symbiotic relationship that we should enjoy..Over 17 hours of video you really will not be disappointed and I refer to it often – loads of theory and practical applications to help your dog with a mind, body and soul approach.
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Campsite & Dog Walk Reviews

Suffolk - Vulcan Arms
We've done a lot of trips this month in my campervan and we especially love our trips to Suffolk as we do love our Suffolk walks. I so love the fact my parents live in such a beautiful place and we get to visit.
This time we stayed somewhere new and chose the Vulcan Arms at Sizewell and it was absolutely wonderful. so convenient and how lovely to be lying in bed listening to the sea. It is a Caravan and Motorhome Club CL and the first time we have stayed here but won't be the last.

Very convenient for dog walks - especially for sizewell beach which is literally come out of the site and turn right.

The pitches are not pristine and are uneven on the ground, but water and electricity is there as well as a chemical toilet point and of course the pub.  IMO this is a gem of a site and ideally suited for us.