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Welcome to My Shop - these products are all items I have used and loved and come well-recommended and either tested on me or my pets.  
This is also where you can book on to courses for yourself and consultations for your animals too. 
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Animal Aromatherapy Consultations

Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist and Essential Oil Vet Network Consultant

Dr Helene Svinos is an emergency medicine doctor with a passion for animals and dog mum to 6 (3 of whom have a disability and she is passionate about showing the world how awesome dogs with different needs are) as well as a cat and a bunny. 

When her dog Toffee broke her back and became paraplegic a quest began to find out how she could optimise her health and well-being and see if there was more than conventional medicine alone.  Toffee recovered well and Helene developed a new love of integrative medicine and championing those with disabilities.  

Rehabilitating her reactive dog Treacle led to Helene to work as a dog trainer throughout medical school as well as teaching and competing in a variety of dog sports.  Consequently, Helene has a broad understanding of both the emotional and physical needs of our canine pals.    After fostering and later adopting a blind dog called Inka, the discovery of using essential oils to help her fear led Helene to develop this interest further and connect with Dr Roark and the rest as they say is history.  

Helene is also  qualified in Canine Massage Therapy as well as a Canicross Instructor and came 3rd in the XF category in the CaniX 2019/2020  season with her springers Evie, Rowan and Seren and has won the Female Canicross category in the challenging Paras 10 race 3 times also with Rowan.   With scentwork training under her belt and Evie who also tracks missing dogs a lot of Helene’s life is taken up with the amazing world of aroma.

Helene also has a BEng Aerospace Engineering and an MSc in Impact and Explosion Engineering.  

Helene is a passionate advocate for bridging the gap between natural and conventional medicine and exploring multiple ways to use scent to help animals and their owners.

Dogs (with a keen interest in sports dogs, the elderly and disabled as well as behaviour cases)