Disabled Dogs Are Awesome

A tail of 6 dogs with 20 paws, 5 pairs of eyes and 1 pair of wheels - running alongside my 3 springe...

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Does Your Dog Have Itchy Skin

I often mention my dog Toffee and how her allergies and gut intolerances lead me down this amazing p...

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Resource Guarding

Resource guarding by a dog refers to certain behaviours that the dog uses to control access to an it...

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Rose Essential Oil

The Essence of The Nose Knows: Rose Essential Oil One oil I never thought was more than just a prett...

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Frankincense For Pets

Frankincense is called the King of Essential Oils and for good reason - it has a massive breadth of ...

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Nourishing Tails: Fresh Food for Healthy Weight Loss in Overweight Dogs

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for our canine companions, and just like us, dogs benefit fr...

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Understanding Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Anyone with a dog with Separation Anxiety knows too well how stressful it is, and it can lead to cri...

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Red Light Therapy: Healing Power For Our Pets & Us

Red Light Therapy: Healing Power For Our Pets & Us Red light therapy is a hot topic in the health an...

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Essential Oils For Your Pet's End Of Life

We often think of using essential oils to support health and wellness but they can also be used so b...

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Supporting a Sick Dog In The Vets & Back Home

A few weeks ago I had the misfortune to have to put a lot of my skills supporting sick dogs to work ...

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Turkey Tail Mushrooms

So if you are looking into natural options to support an ill pet then you will probably have come ac...

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Consistency Is Key To Training & Modifying Dog Behaviour

Training and modifying the behaviour of our beloved dogs is no easy feat, it can at times feel like ...

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Does Your Dog Struggle With Fireworks?

Does your dog struggle with the loud bangs that come with fireworks?  Prior to the 4th of July for t...

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7 Reasons For Using Essential Oils For Your Pets

It's so hard to believe that 4 years ago I didn’t use essential oils for my pets and I only used a c...

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Peppermint Essential Oil

The peppermint plant is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint and was first described by Carl Linnaeu...

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Pembrey Country Park

To be honest I can't believe it's taken me so long to write a review on  Pembrey Country Park, which...

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Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum is one of my favourite oils for my skin, probably what it is best known for but it has a...

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We Did It! My Anxious Blind Dog Competed In A Canicross Race

Inka, my blind anxious dog, competed in her first cani-cross race since lockdown. Now this might not...

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Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian has been used in traditional medicine for centuries dating back to Roman and Greek times.  ...

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Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild orange has a very special place in my heart as it was really the gateway oil to me realising th...

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