Disabled Dogs Are Awesome

A tail of 6 dogs with 20 paws, 5 pairs of eyes and 1 pair of wheels - running alongside my 3 springe...

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The Essential Dog Kit

As another Healthful Dog Challenge draws to a close I thought I would write this blog on The Essenti...

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Tick Bites - Prevention & Support

One thing that comes up a lot in the summer month is ticks - how to manage, how to prevent etc so fi...

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Fireworks Night Plan

How does your dog cope with firework season? My dogs are fortunately OK as I have worked to make sur...

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Aromatic Use Of Essential Oils With Our Pets

Aromatic use is the most simple way to use oils with your pets.  Animals have a more highly tuned ol...

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Dalby Forest CaniX

So Dalby Forest in Yorkshire was a new venue for CaniX and it did not disappoint this huge area of...

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New Oils & How They Can Support Your Pets

Now doTerra has just bought out some new oils which is super exciting and so this blog is about thei...

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Your Dog Is What They Eat

You know the saying you are what you eat well the same is true for dogs.  Kibble has really only bee...

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Dog Bite Prevention With Children

As a dog owner and A&E doctor the one thing I hate to see most is dog bites in children, these can b...

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Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric is often spoken about in the dog world for musculoskeletal support but it offers a lot more...

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Cardamom Essential Oil

This is a wonderful oil I have really seen the benefits of in recent months with my blind dog Inka a...

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Improving The Resilience Of Your Anxious Or Reactive Dog

One of the things I spoke about in my Calm Your Dog For Fireworks Night Challenge was about the st...

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Aromatouch Blend For Dogs

I would never be able to choose just one oil to take to a desert island but if I could choose a few ...

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Helping My Blind Dog Walk In The Noisy Park

Just over a year ago I was unable to walk my blind dog in my local park or along the city street to ...

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Purity Of Essential Oils Is Essential For Our Pets

When I first started learning about essential oils and safe use with my pets I realised it was a min...

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Are You Or Your Dog Suffering From Seasonal Threats?

So currently we are in the UK summer and maybe you are familiar with this time of year when your eye...

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Calming Canines

One of the things I get asked most about for animal aromatherapy is calming dogs whether it's anxiou...

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Would Your Dog Or Cat Benefit From Digestive Enzymes?

Does your dog or cat have gut intolerances, skin sensitivity, ligament issues (studies show decrease...

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Pet Dementia - Know The Signs & Get Some Tips

This week is dementia awareness week so I thought I would focus on pet dementia this week and look a...

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Essential Oils For Sports Dogs

I have 4 canicross dogs and I have found so many benefits using essential oils to support their fitn...

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