Disabled Dogs Are Awesome

A tail of 6 dogs with 20 paws, 5 pairs of eyes and 1 pair of wheels - running alongside my 3 springers is Maz a 2 legged wise street dog from Afghanistan, Bambi a paraplegic boy from the streets of Romania and Inka my blind girl found at 3 weeks of age in a Romanian river.  Disabled these 3 may be but these dogs are awesome you can't feel sorry for yourself ...

Rowan and His Hip Dysplasia

Aches and Pains? The  Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex  could be a gamechanger for your dog - to support their musculoskeletal system and here is why So my springer Rowan started to not want to run in March 2020. It occurred twice on day 2 of a 2 day canicross event both times he had run brilliantly the day before and we were in line for 2nd or 3rd place  but on...

Does Your Dog Have Itchy Skin

I often mention my dog Toffee and how her allergies and gut intolerances lead me down this amazing path of integrative medicine.  When you have a dog or cat or…. with skin and gut issues it is important you approach healing with an holistic approach and everything is the sum of all the parts and no body system is in isolation m So let us look at nutrition fi...

Life Pees On

Bambi is my paraplegic boy and due to that is not able to empty his bladder  correctly so needs regular voiding.  Dogs like this are at risk of kidney problems but also bladder issues resulting in difficulty elminating urine even with assistance - a few months ago I started having difficulty voiding Bambi which is done by suprapubic pressure - several urine ...

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