Essential Oils Made Easy For The Whole Family

Are you struggling with sleep, stress, fatigue or........Would you like to know about using natural solutions for your health and well-being?  This event will give you a brief introduction to the wonderful world of essentials oils for the whole family and how they can help from calming and soothing babies to teenage skin, great for pets, all natural solutions around the home and how they help you feel rested and an aid to sleep, not to mention gut health and muscle soothing and so much more.

We will look at a few of the popular oils and how to use them.  You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

My aim is to help you find out what solutions might work best for you and your family and to help you to gain advice in order to help them have better health and well-being.

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There will be the opportunity to buy essential oil kits after the event at 25% off and including a variety of free gifts - offer available for members of this event only.

I am an emergency medicine doctor who has a strong passion for holistic health and the benefits that essential oils confer play a strong role in my life and that of my dogs. I am also a Certified Essential Oil Specialist as well as an Animal Aromatherapy Specialist and listed as a consultant on the Essential Oil Vet Network.  I am also qualified in Canine Massage Therapy and a Canicross instructor. 

I first used oils for natural skincare for them and me and then discovered their true benefit in helping my blind dog with her fear. I now use daily for various needs whether they are my canine athletes or disabled dogs or me!