Mood Management Event

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Does stress and tension seem relentless?  Does anxiety rule your life and stop you enjoying things you 
want to?  Do you feel worn out with being worn out?

This spring why not put a spring in your step with something new and start back on the sunny path?  

The 7 day mood management experience gives you education, community support, 1 to 1 support from healthcare professionals and 4 essential oils to use so that you can find out your personalised solution and return to feeling great.

For just £10 join The Oil Medics in this 7 day event 

Registration closes 5 days before event to ensure samples arrive on time - if no registration link is available please choose the next date.

I am an A + E doctor and myself and my co-hosts (paramedic, nurse and nutritional therapist) have shared this wisdom in online workshops for 1000s of people to help them boost their mood and feel better.
Please check your spam for emails from   to ensure you do not miss out on the joining info and so I can get your address to send you your oils.

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