Essential Oils When You Are Poorly

After dodging the Covid bullet for 2.5 years I finally succumbed last week, it definitely hit me by surprise!  I went to bed feeling well and woke up feeling unwell and as the day went on the lethargy increased along with fevers and continual ache to the front of my head.  

Now unfortunately with most viral illnesses it is just a case of managing symptoms and essential oils are so great here for helping to alleviate some discomfort so I thought I would share what I used.

Firstly, On Guard Plus to support my immune system this fabulous mix of oils is always my go to when poorly and along with my lifelong vitality supplements ensured I was optimising my immune system as much as I could.  I was feeling very nauseous and with no appetite I literally ate a nectarine a day for several days along with a bite of banana.  ZenGest to my rescue here, I used the softgels which has the oils contained in a little vegan formula meaning they are easy to swallow and enabled me to use something to support my discomfort.  I use them all the time for motion sickness before getting in a cab and they worked a treat in this scenario.  

Sleep was the other key area with intense myalgia - muscle aches and pains which is often a feature of viral like illnesses such as flu and of course Covid help to sleep was something I desperately needed.  Along with Serenity Blend in my diffuser as well as Air to support my respiratory system I took a Serenity Softgel to help ease me into sleep and so for the first few days the pattern of life revolved getting up to let the dogs out, feed all my pets, and sleep.  Sleep is a great healer and the more you sleep the more it aids recovery.  For my aching head and to cool my fever I found new Deep Blue with copaiba stick so useful and just swiped it along my forehead. 

Hydration is also key too and with a sore throat I found drinking anything other than warm water to be painful and so my drinking was warm water from the kettle with lemon oil in which was pleasant and soothing and kept me hydrated - Covid is a risk factor for DVTs as well as being immobile quite unlike my normal 20K steps a day so once I remembered I popped my compression calf guards on from running whilst I was in bed although fortunately needing to get up for my pets definitely aided.

Once I started to want a bit of food 3 days later I found the slice of bread just seemed to sit in my stomach making me feel uncomfortable so cue Terrazyme to aid my digestion and with it working a treat I was able to slowly start to eat a bit more - massively aided by my lovely neighbour handing me a casserole of her homemade soup over the garden fence which was not only delicious but so easy to manage with 2 to 3 spoonfuls here and there.

I haven’t really had any respiratory symptoms although the latter few days have lead to my ears and nose feeling a bit congested so cue Air Blend my favourite rolled over appropriate places to ease things a bit.

I am currently still positive and my energy levels are low so i am making rest a priority and taking my lifelong vitality to ensure I build myself up as much as possible.  After 6 days of nothing being able to walk my doggies it was a relief to get them out in the fresh air and feel a semblance of normality returning.

I’ve taken advantage of the time to read lots with 3 murder mysteries plus an audible one consumed as well as finishing the Peaky Blinders I’ve definitely kept my mind active even if my body hasn’t been.

Hope this helps if you are poorly.  Prevention is still key and taking precautions is really important as we see infections rise again- working in healthcare is a risk and I unfortunately got this from a patient - elsewhere I am still wearing a mask and alcogel for my hands goes everywhere

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