Copaiba Oil - Why I Prefer It To CBD Oil

You have probably heard CBD oil mentioned time and time again, but this oil is not the cure all it often seems to be as I will explain,  for my house an alternative product, Copaiba essential oil has advantages that CBD just does not have.  And Copaiba oil is in daily use in my house for myself and all my pets.  Read on to learn more about this very versatile gift of the Earth and why I prefer it to CBD.

Both products work on the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) which is a major regulatory system and signaling system in the body to maintain homeostasis, what that means is the ECS helps maintain internal balance in a world that is constantly changing.  

Now you may be familiar with the ECS from hearing all the hype about CBD (cannabidiol) oil and often it appears to be a bit of a cure all because of the wide-ranging benefit of the ECS but it is not without problems.

The ECS was discovered in the 1960s and the receptors CB1 & CB2 are located all over the body from the brain right down to the skin of the feet and everywhere inside.  Consequently the endocannabinoid system is a hot term in complementary and alternative medicine, and for good reason because it plays a fundamental role in managing many modern and prevalent concerns.  Concerns such as mood, inflammation, appetite, and relaxation to name just a few, because this biological system, composed of receptors, cannabinoids, and enzymes, is found throughout the central and peripheral nervous system and acts as a regulator for countless physiological processes. 

CBD oil  actually has a low affinity for CB1 & CB2 receptors but helps other molecules bind to CB1 receptors in the body.  Despite this, it can be an antagonist for these receptors meaning to inhibit these receptors.   Its interaction with CB1 can cause psychoactive effects and for a variety of reasons may make symptoms of anxiety and Parkinson’s disease to name just 2 things worse.  This has certainly been my experience working as a doctor in emergency medicine and enough to put me off using it.

This negative effect is regardless of whether it is a good quality product or not.  It is because the CB1 receptors switch on that effect.  Now on the subject of quality therein lies another issue - there is a real problem with purity and even oils labeled CBD have been found to contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC ) the compound that causes psychoactive effects - the high and it has a high binding affinity for CB1 receptors.  So if you are using CBD then do only use pharmaceutical grade and from a reputable place, if you are using it for your pet it must be prescribed by a vet.  In addition common side effects listed are tiredness, diarrhea, or changes in appetite, insomnia and poor quality sleep.

Now another option for supporting the ECS is Copaiba oil which does have so many benefits over CBD oil, this essential oil is from the resin of the copaiba tree and is rich in beta caryophyllene which is the compound that affects the ECS system.  Now whereas CBD does not bind directly to receptors the beta-caryophyllene does, binding directly to CB2 receptors meaning copaiba has advantages that cannot be achieved with CBD oil! 

Copaiba oil works throughout the body where the ECS is present and not binding to CB1 receptors means no psychoactive effects and so can be used safely in a whole heap of situations.  In correct use it has no side effects and if using doTerra essential oil it is safe to be ingested which confers so many benefits - from musculoskeletal and emotional support to the rest of the body including liver and urinary system support too.  The great thing about the doTerra Copaiba oil is because of the Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) guarantee we know that it is pure and you can actually got to pop in the batch number found on the bottom of the bottle and see for yourself exactly what is contained within your bottle.

Not only Copaiba oil is effective on the ECS it is a very rich anti-oxidant and therefore confers all the benefits that that entails.

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