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It is that time of year and everyone is talking about going away, so what essential oils can you use to make travelling a bit easier.  I'm a big fan of going away in my campervan and do so all year round and if you follow my stories on social media I tend to cover my travels quite well.   

So let’s talk about car travel first.   Now I am a big fan of diffusing essential oils, this easy option can really ease your journey and keep you uplifted, keep you awake and ensure you are not stressed out in traffic jams.  If you have got dogs who don’t like travelling or children who don’t then it can be even more beneficial to soothe anxiety and also aid beautifully in alleviating motion sickness.  I used to suffer terribly as a child and still do when a passenger and I would literally be a wreck without ZenGest.  This oil is great to take internally about 30mins before travelling to help soothe that tummy but also great to diffuse too with the lovely blend of oils like peppermint and ginger it can help quell nausea.  

Now long journeys on the motorway can be really tiring as boredom easily sets in - I love to listen to Audible books but also I love my peppermint roller for when I'm starting to get a little bit you know sleepy it is so easy to grab and pop on your neck to pep you up and don’t forget to inhale it too.  Now if you are really tired it's really worth just stopping for 5 minutes walking around before journeying on because it's really make a massive difference and it's all about being safe.  Now those long journeys can also cause a bit of neck discomfort and this is really on any form of travel so here I love to have my Deep Blue Roller ready for action and apply it where needed to soothe those aches.

I always have  Balance or Adaptive to support my stress levels particularly when I'm stuck in the traffic jam or Google maps take sure the magical mystery tour - seriously what is that all about you are on a perfectly good main road when it suggests coming off, it takes you all round the houses and then we rejoin the motorway further up!!!   I just don’t get it!

Hydration is also really important because that will also help keep you alert. I've always got my bottle of water handy, usually with something like lemon oil in it which is a good choice for a pleasant drink but also good for the digestion too.   Now if like me you are off on adventures in the great outdoors and/or going to be camping then you are going to need something that repels bugs especially if like me you are a bug magnet! I really like the Terrashield blend it's been put together specifically for the outdoor and it makes life so easy and smells great and is just so easy to have on hand and apply without drying your skin either!   Its also great for the dogs too at repelling fleas and then for a tick repellent I add in a couple cook drops of peppermint oil.   I also use this in my diffuser too so it is super handy for keeping our van bug free.

Now I sleep really well in my campervan but sometimes if I am worried about racing the next day it can cause me to be restless and for others it might be an uncomfortable hotel room and so you might not  sleep as well as you do at home.  So utilising essential oils in this way is great I always like to diffuse Serenity blend it is so soothing for me and the dogs (especially my blind dog who can obviously hear and smell other humans and animals around)  and I'll have my oils for my feet and chest and back of my neck with made up rollers of  Lavender and Frankincense and a Vetiver roller for across my forehead to calm that monkey mind!    I'll often take a Serenity Softgel too because I  find that when I'm really tired which I often am after a long journey or because we're doing so much I actually sleep better when I take a softgel even though I'm so exhausted it might not be restful sleep.

So what about plane travel now a lot of what I said applies to flights too,   you might not know this but I was a flight attendant for many years before becoming a doctor and was based in Dubai working for Emirates before returning to the UK where I worked for Virgin and I had a brilliant in those 6 and a 1/2 years now it might be a while since I have got on a plane but I have definitely not forgotten about it!  Now the air… I used to always get sick after flying, I was getting sore throats every flight which makes sense as there are loads of people's air in a metal box and the air is filtered but you are still breathing in each others germs and depending on where you sit and the aircraft does determine the quality of the air conditioning!   How I wish I had had these gems then.  So make sure you support your immune system and get all your immune supporting oils so things like your lemon oil in water is really good also Oregono oil I like to pop on my feet (1 drop to 3 drops FCO as remember it is a hot oil) I would also recommend On Guard for a couple of days before and a couple of days after flying either 1 to 3 drops a day or an On Guard Plus Softgel  and then use the roller throughout the flight on my throat and not forgetting the hand sanitiser too! The On Guard beadlets are a great choice in flight too or use those for the kids as they have ¼ drop of On Guard in each so ideal children size!

Now let's think breathing, for clear breathing I love to use Air blend.   Now planes, coaches, trains and cars can all get really stuffy and I find Air just really makes a difference and if you are gonna be wearing masks popping a drop of Air  in your mask really helps to keep you comfortable .  

Another great way to make your flight go well is to relax and calm - Balance is a great choice here.  I  always slept easily on flights when I was passengering because I think I was so used to it that when I wasn't working I'd just go straight off to sleep but for others that could be a bit harder.  But you do have to be very mindful that you're drinking enough water on the flight you should pre-hydrate before the flight and make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water (as long as there are no health reasons why not)  make sure you have your citrus oils as well as they are going to provide you with so much physical support.  Set a little timer on your phone so that you can actually move every couple of hours as being immobile along with the potential risk of dehydration you run a high risk of DVT.  Give your lower legs some massage too at several points throughout the flights with Aromatouch or Cypress both great for promoting circulation. 

Now what about the inevitable aches and pains, seats are always uncomfortable when you are in the same position for hours on end, you won't go wrong with your Deep Blue rub take a little sachet with or PastTense is another one especially great for neck pain or headaches.  Being comfortable will really help make your journey pleasant

Now what about food!  Now in your own vehicle you have a bit more control and can choose healthy snacks - cut up fruit is ideal and obviously I would never stop off for vegan double chocolate cookies……. :) But seriously I have no idea what plane food is like now and I wasn't vegan then but nonetheless grab your Terrazyme to support your digestion and that will help keep you gut on an even keel despite jet lack and weird hours which can play havoc on your tummy.  And don’t forget when the flight attendant asks if you want tea or coffee why not opt for hot water and drop a touch of lemon oil, zengest or peppermint in it for a soothing drink for your gut and your soul.  

Hope that helps leave me a comment with your questions and let me know what else you want to know about.

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