Goodbye Toxins, Hello Nature

 Did you know you are exposed to countless toxins every day from sources you may not even be aware of.  Every breath, every bite, every minute under the sun—they all introduce substances and chemicals (natural or synthetic) that can negatively impact your health. 

A toxin is any substance that places undue stress on the body. Toxic load is the sum of these substances, accumulated within your body, and the burden they place on organs at any given time. 

There are tens of thousands of chemicals on the market, and most of them are understudied or largely unregulated.  Of approximately 3,000 high volume chemicals that are used in excess of a million pounds a year, only 7 percent have been tested for safety which I think is a pretty scary thought. Many products that are marketed to keep your home smelling fresh actually spread synthetic chemicals into the air you breathe. 

Children and pets are especially vulnerable to environmental toxins, as their toxic load can accumulate far more rapidly than an adult’s or human’s.

Our bodies have built-in protection and filters to help us manage the toxins we encounter. It starts with the mucous membranes that line your nose (which is why nasal hair waxing is  a really bad thing…. Yes it is a real thing), mouth, and throat, which are meant to trap foreign particles. Inside your digestive tract resides trillions of microorganisms—probiotics, or good bacteria—that maintain digestive efficiency and support our immune system’s ability to respond to toxic threats. Finally, the liver and kidneys serve to identify and eliminate toxic substances from your blood.  When your toxic load is light and less burdensome, your body is more efficient and effective at tackling any toxins that it does encounter. 

When functioning properly, your body is an incredibly powerful toxic load–minimizing machine. But if your toxic load gets too heavy for your body to handle, things can go downhill fast. Especially because your body actually becomes less efficient at managing toxins as your toxic load increases. Just when you need your body to be functioning at its best, it becomes hindered and slowed down. This can lead to serious side effects

We know that there has been a 3 fold  increase in allergies in the last 30 years in humans so it can’t be a coincidence it coincides with the growth of cleaning products to get clothes whiters and homes brighter. 

We can’t always control what we are exposed to but we can control what we bring into our homes.

Check out this easy multi-surface cleaning recipe to get you started.

Finally don’t be fooled into eco products not having these harmful constituents many do - green doesn’t mean safe and many if these so called eco products have just as many toxins and many of these so styled as fragranced with essential oils utilise solvents in their production which are irritants to the skin and respiratory tract. 

By using a few base ingredients you can easily make your own products at a fraction of the price and are so much safer.

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