How To Start Your Day Well

How To Start Your Day Well 

So I am not the most organised of folk BUT my mornings are organised and productive and my bedtime routine is relaxing and sleep inducing - it is just the bit in the middle that is still a work in progress!

Starting your day well can make a huge difference to how your day pans out and does help you accomplish more and get you set up for whatever gets thrown at you.   

5 things you must do for a good morning
Drink water
Broaden your mind
Eat breakfast 
Make your bed

To give you an idea my morning goes like this - I get up and take the spaniels downstairs and carry my paraplegic dog out to the garden for them all to wee.  I return back upstairs to carry my 2 legged dog down and get my blind dog Inka to follow us.  Once all wees and poos are done it is my turn to have a wee! 

Then the diffuser goes on to create an uplifting aroma - usually Balance blend and a citrus oil for that element of creating sparkle

We then head to the kitchen and drink a pint of water and put the kettle on to make a pot of tea and a hot mug of warm water with apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of lemon oil this is such an amazing way to wake your body up and re-hydrate you, apple cider vinegar has been found to decrease visceral fat as well as a whole host of other benefits and the lemon oil really helps to aid in your digestion …….. :) 

Dogs are fed, along with my cat and bunny, I wash up and then go and do my morning yoga usually joined by my springer Evie and a my cat Holly - I love to apply Balance blend or Neroli for my yoga session as they really help set me up for  the day and make me feel a real sense of calm.  After my yoga is done, I make my bed, now this sounds crazy but it immediately tidies the room, makes your bedroom welcoming and ticks off a chore so you feel accomplished.  So don’t miss it out.  

I head back downstairs and take my Lifelong Vitality supplements which fill in any nutrient gaps as well as providing me with some plant botanicals to help my day start off well and keep me well.  I add in a phytoestrogen complex capsule to support my hormonal health and then I serve up my breakfast - always overnight oats with cacao nibs, banana and berries.  I eat this nutritious breakfast whilst setting  a timer for 20 mins and reading a few pages of  A Course in Miracles or the Bible (I truly feel it is necessary to keep ourselves spiritually well too) and then read a text book of what I am learning in a week.  I then have a couple of cups of tea and then and only then check my phone whilst I check emails and social media for another 20 mins.  

Then with a productive start I then head out with the dogs for a walk or a run!  It often goes downhill from there but as I said still a work in progress!

Part 2 on my evening routine to follow!

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