One Simple Step To Healthy Changes

Now sometimes it feels really hard to make changes to our health or life in general and it seems overwhelming.   We start and stop and start again and again and things just don't improve now this simple tip makes a massive difference. It's just literally one step, it's about being consistent making a small step every single day you've probably heard of the compound effect and that's exactly what it is doing one thing everyday that adds up to a whole heap of big change now it can be anything it can be decluttering your house to making a change to your health but by making the small steps you get big success.  

 In order to do this you need to create good habits and the easiest way of doing that is to tag what you're trying to do along with something else so for example getting into the habit of taking supplements so I have supplements with my breakfast and with my lunch there in the fridge I get them out at the same time I get my breakfast and my lunch simple.  Supplements only work if you take them!

As soon as I go in the kitchen  in the morning the diffusers get on making me feel pepped up and ready for the day, I apply oil to my dogs as soon as I've had my breakfast simple - it is now a reflex but it didn't know just start out like that I had to think about what I wanted to tag it with and also create the habit.  Now this may sound like hard work but it really isn’t.  A great way to build these habits is using a habit tracker and this is a spreadsheet where you just literally check off what you do as you go through the day and if you'd like to download a free copy of my tracker here is the link.  Habit Tracker Download

When people start making changes they have great success within the first few days and then things they start to feel better or things start to wax and wane now using essential oils can be like that you take a great inhalation of a beautiful all and start to feel better and then when you start to feel stressed again you forget to do exactly the same but wouldn't it be better if you didn't have to remember because you didn't get to that state that you've preempted that the old saying prevention is better than cure so setting yourself some little targets about how often you want to have the diffuser on or when you want to apply oils to yourself can really make a massive difference so instead of getting to that point where you're feeling overwhelmed make a change so you don’t get there.  Get stressed before going to work?  Pop the diffuser on and apply oils before you leave will help stop you getting overwhelmed.   

Another great way of doing this is simply putting a little reminder in your phone that goes off, I have several reminders doing the day set in my phone that simply say stop and breathe and when I get that reminder to stop and breathe I stop I'll take some deep breaths and I'll grab an oil and I'll apply it, it helps prevent me from feeling overwhelmed it helps me stay within the moment.   When I'm studying it is very easy for me to get distracted so I actually have a little roller of Thinker (Focus Blend)  in my pencil case so that when I'm grabbing a pencil I will often grab the roller too and apply it to help keep me focused.  I have rollers of my favourite oils all round the house, such as Adaptiv and Balance and Air, in my dog walking clothes, in my campervan, in my work bag,  in my bedroom so that when I'm there I can literally grab these rollers.  Make up some blends and have these things where you can grab them.   I always put some kind of immune supporting oils on my feet when I get up in the morning so they're in the bathroom ready for me to grab, the oils I use for my water in my kitchen are next to where I get my glasses from and I also have a little keychain of essential oils that I can use at work.  Who has the time to wait for vetiver to fall from the bottle when you are so tired at night…. I pop it in a roller with FCO and it is then easy to apply to stop that monkey mind of mine!  

By making things easy for you is the way to build good habits and to take little steps on a daily basis to create those changes that you want to see.  

Hope that helps drop me a message if you would like to learn anything else.  

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