Mind - Body Connection

Did you know that every emotion you experience can be linked to a physical response in your body?

🤯 Mind-blowing, I know.

The reasoning is found in the limbic system within your brain. 🧠 

The limbic system is the part of the brain that involves our behaviors and emotions that we need for survival, like feeding, sex, caring for children, and our fight or flight responses.

👉 When we feel an emotion-based from fear, happiness, sadness, anger, love, guilt, peace/ calm, and stress, our limbic systems send hormones through our body and we have a physical response.

So let’s look into the mind-body connection and how we can use essential oils to assist us with those emotions.

Everyone responds differently to different emotions…but there are underlying themes that each type of emotion exhibits. In order to get to the heart of the matter and understand what underlying emotion is happening when we clench our jaw or puff out our chest (anger for example), we want to tune in and recognize what our body is doing at that exact moment when we become emotional.

We can do this for each emotion we experience as emotions manifest into physical indicators.

What is your GO TO emotion when you are triggered? Anger? Stress? Anxiety? Laughter? Peace? 

We all have the same base or root emotions:

😤 Anger
😱 Fear
😞 Stress
🥺 Guilt
🤗 Happiness
😥 Sadness
😍 Love
😌 Peace

Each of these root emotions shares associated emotions. 

👉For example, Love. Love has associated emotions like Passionate, Forgiving, Fondness, Empathetic, or Caring & Kindness. These emotions carry the same root. When we are looking for an essential oil to help us when we want to feel a certain emotion or combat an emotion and we are able to describe the associated emotions, we can start to dig deeper to the root emotion and try to peel back why we feel the way we feel.

Our associated emotions and root emotions can all drive physical indicators. We can not only emotionally feel anger, for example, but we can physically feel it too. That is how strong the mind-body connection can be.

Using oils to help with these emotions that we don’t want to feel is a great way to get on the path to changing those negative patterns and move from one state to another, the Emotional Aromatherapy blends are an easy way to start along with this wheel - Cheer & Motivate are 2 of my favourites for work!

One of the easiest ways to lift your mood is simply to inhale an essential oils.  
Have you experienced smelling a rose, or zesting a lemon? Those little aromatic notes are the essential oils playing with your olfactory system. Your olfactory receptors have a direct link to your limbic system, which is the part of your brain that stores emotions and memories. 

There are a few ways you can experience oils aromatically. Personally, I love having a diffuser in my room, just fill it with water and 4-8 drops of my favorite oil or oils and watch how the air is purified, the mood is changed, and the overall vibe is set. 🤩 You can also just open a bottle and inhale deeply directly from there, or you can put a few drops in your palm and cup your hands over your face and breathe in. This is how I use them most at work - I even pop a drop in my mask too so I am really getting the benefit.

This is the most gentle way to start to use essential oils and truly one of my favourite ways to support my emotional health! 

Check out my little video for my oils I had on shift the other day!  

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