MetaPWR & Other New Oils

doTerra has just bought out some new oils which is super exciting they are available individually in the USA & Canada and as part of the Super Exclusives Kit in the UK (will be individual next year if you can wait that long)

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend

This is a reworking of the popular Smart & Sassy /Slim & Sassy Blend and as such can be used in a similar way - it does taste a bit different as the quantities are altered and I absolutely love it.
It contains the following oils for their respective benefits and in combination provide a very useful blend - which I am loving in my water at work and it may improve exercise performance.  I find it very useful for my hunger cravings.

Grapefruit - helps curb appetite, sugar cravings and supports healthy metabolic responses
Lemon - promotes fat burning, processes and supports a gentle cleanse
Peppermint - enhances a sense of fullness whilst support digestion
Ginger - boost metabolism and fat burning processes
Cinnamon Bark - promotes healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism boost.

Metabolic Blend Softgels (not available in the UK kit at the moment)

These are formulated with the Metapwr blend above and help to support normal blood glucose levels 
By promoting healthy insulin activity and response.  

An as yet unpublished preclinical study suggests the blend may target and reduce fat cells whilst also protecting cells and tissues against oxidative stress but more confirming clinical research is needed.

Guaiacwood - Holy Wood

Now this next oil is a firm favourite with my dogs and me and I could not believe the response when I first offered it to them all really interested in the bottle and my anxious dogs in particular were really keen which should be no surprise as the oil is very grounding and so is good for stress management and anxiety and calms the body and mind.  It has an earthy grounding aroma with a subtle sweetness which I like more than Frankincense and Copaiba and love using it for yoga or in a diffuser or inhale from the palm of your hand to calm body and mind.
Other properties abound too with it being anti-inflammatory, airfungal, antimicrobial, diuretic, anti-oxidant - therefore a very versatile oil. 
It is useful for wound healing and encourages lymph flow and drainage and can soothe upset tummies.
Apply to feet to promote the protection of the cells and and legs to promote drainage of the lymphatic system. 
Great for chronic skin conditions as it is very nourishing to the skin either diluted with a carrier oil or add to moisturiser to tighten and tone the skin.
This oil also supports the respiratory function and has insect repelling properties too.  It also blends well with most oils.  

Spanish Sage - Salvation Oil

Now this next oil is also very versatile. It is also known as lavender sage, as it is high in camphor many animals may not like this one so just be aware when diffusing them.  Properties include pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial.
Supportive for the respiratory system when coughing as it can ease that and is also useful for aiding in reducing fever.  It helps balance hormones  and relieves skin disorders and promotes wound healing, great to add to massage to enhance soothing of the tissues and massage into the scalp for healthy looking hair.
From a mental health point of view it is also very supportive as it can aid memory will be useful for aiding cognition in someone with dementia so diffusing is great to stimulate the atmosphere to support this.
Supports a calm mind and sense of alertness so it useful for stress management/anxiety and depression
Good for grief and fear as well as stress management, anxiety relief and depression and wards off negative thinking.  

It can be taken internally
DO NOT USE if prone to seizure or anaemic and caution around animals with the same
Caution if pregnant or breastfeeding


Now this next one is in daily use as I write this late at night it is brilliant to diffuse to promote mental focus and enhance stamina and I always have it at work now!  It is a blend of Peppermint, Japanese Min, Bergamot Mint and Spearmint.  It can  be used in much the same way as peppermint but is gentler. 
Inhale to open the airways for easy breathing, massage into tense muscles to rejuvenate and soothe and inhale from the palms to calm the mind and body.  It has a beautiful cooling effect so great for hot flushes and can soothe tummies as well.

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