Biohacking - Get Moving

Unless you have a very active job (teacher, nurse, postman, fitness instructor, etc) you probably aren’t getting as much movement each day. A desk job can cause stress on your joints, muscles can atrophy over time, your flexibility becomes more limited…its just not a good combination.

Movement adds so much to our lives:

⚡ Increases your energy
⚡ Improves your mood
⚡ Allows you to think clearer
⚡ Supports better mental health

Those are just the side benefits to getting 30 minutes of activity each day.

If you aren’t very active, don’t just jump into a huge workout routine if it’s been a while. Just aim for 15 minutes of movement 2X a day. Add a short walk after your meals or when you need a break from your computer. The steps will add up, your heart will be healthier, and your mood will improve.

Another great function of exercise is sweating!  Did you know sweating is so good for you. 💦 Yep, sweating. This function is an important detox pathway. Sweating can also help your body flush out heavy metals. 

When it comes to good old-fashioned sweat sessions, you can sweat by exercising a great example of how one thing aids another or by using a sauna.

Some saunas allow you to incorporate essential oils for additional relaxation and detoxing.

If you are in the market for a sauna (or can't use one at your local spa or gym), look for an infrared sauna that carries even more health benefits.

Can’t find (or purchase a sauna), go for a brisk walk, lift some weights, do a moderate HIIT workout, anything that gets your blood pumping and the sweat rolling.

After your sweat sesh, take a nice warm shower, followed by 10-15 seconds of cold water.

How do you get your sweat on?

Another benefit to exercise is connecting with the earth and grounding yourself which holds numerous health benefits. It can lower your blood pressure, clear your mind, and give you a great big dose of Vitamin D.

Be honest. When was the last time you stepped outside and when without shoes or socks on?

How about feeling the grass between your toes and the sunshine on your face? Admittedly in Manchester it is more like squelchy mud right now but my trips to the beach are always good for going barefoot.  But with shoes on or off, being outside has so many benefits.

Nearly every cell in your body has receptors for Vitamin D. Vitamin D fights disease, gives you energy, and reduces occasional bouts of sadness. Adding a Vitamin D supplement and getting out in the sun can take your health to the next level.

You can find Vitamin D2 and D3 in our Bone Nutrient Complex and our Microplex VMz - pop to or drop me an email to get a wholesale account

⚡ Today I challenge you to go for a walk around outside for 15 minutes.  And to up that challenge go barefoot if conditions or environment allow!  Let me know what you think.  

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