Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Now I am guilty of under rating the wood oils - they are not aromas that immediately resonate with me and so I don’t use them as much BUT when I do I am always pleased.

Now Douglas Fir is a great one both for benefits and its ecological foot print too whilst it is native to North America it is not to New Zealand where it is sourced and has become an invasive species causing problems to the landscape there so the oil is sourced from the trees felled to control the growth of this tree.  doTerra is working with the New Zealand government for an environmentally friendly solution making sure this felling does not go to waste.  The Douglas Fir has the potential to grow hundreds of feet tall and is the second tallest conifer tree; it is also characterised by its fir needles and the distinct aroma.

With its combination of citrus and wood notes the aroma can help promote an uplifting and positive environment - think Forest Bathing in your home or office.  Diffuse a few drops with either citrus, wood or spice essential oils and you will find it blends well with them because of its unique chemistry.  Plus it will also help freshen and purify the air too!  The chemical makeup of this oil is rather unique because it combines beta-Pinene which is a constituent found in lemon and lime essential oils with monoterpenes that are commonly found in wood oils.  This combination creates an aroma similar to wood oils such as Frankincense, Juniper Berry and Cypress whilst still having a citrus note.  

The essential oil has so many uses especially around Christmas times and its aroma certainly evokes that festive period with its lovely woody, lemon scented aroma that is full of uplifting and renewing properties when you inhale it.

Using Douglas Fir for your skin is also beneficial and it holds cleaning and purifying properties - add a few drops of your facial wash or shower gel to help cleanse and purify the skin. Or why not try body brushing with it before your shower.

Use Douglas Fir for a relaxing cooling massage experience and combine with one or 2 drops of wintergreen along with fractionated coconut oil or enjoy this combo in a nice warm bath.

For an invigorating diffuser blend that will help uplift and focus try the one below or simply try inhaling Douglas Fir from the bottle.

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