Healthy Hacks To Support Your Immune System

As we head into winter, hard to believe last week I was in shorts this time last week and now I am in a fleece!  I dread this time of year.  I love spring and summer and find autumn and winter to be sad with flowers dying, leaves shedding and the days becoming shorter and colder.

Not to mention the ever present seasonal threats that can make us feel even worse and we still have the threat of Covid-19 too so we must be prepared to coin a phrase and support the immune system  this is the body’s system of organs, tissues and cells that all work synergistically together to fight off harmful agents such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi and keep you healthy and here are some of my favourite ways to do that.

  1. Sleep - this is vital to support the immune system - our stressful lives can often keep illness at bay until the weekend or we go on holiday - ever experienced that?  You race around ready to chill and wham the first day you go down with the lurgy!  The stress hormones that keep you functioning can only hold off sickness for so long and then you crash.  Working on your sleep is vital and if that is troubling you check out my video on sleep and learn about making some changes

2.  Eat a healthy diet - plenty of fruit and vegetables -Good nutrition is vital to support the immune system -  If this system fails them you can get sick but it is the phytochemicals in food that help to ensure this system works.   The more fruit and vegetables you eat the better and especially those with specific nutrients that optimise immunity. Folate, zinc, iron, beta-carotene, vitamins B6, B12, C, D and E - the term eat the rainbow is a good one to adhere too and no I am not talking about Skittles!  Follow the acronym GBOMBS and you won’t go wrong.

3.  Wash your hands - now after the past 18 months this should be second nature but……  it really is important as think of all the things you touch during the course of the day when you are out and about.  If you can’t wash your hands - sanitize them use a hand mist that contains 60-70% alcohol so you know it is also effective against Covid-19 I like the On Guard one as it is also gentle on my hands.  I use it all the time at work and I have not suffered from cracked hands that use to plague me so much and bleed when I bent my fingers.  To purchase pop to

4.  Take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement - sadly soil fertility even with a good whole-food plant-based diet is not enough to supply you with all the nutrients you need.  Intensive farming has ruined the soil and experts suggest we only have a few decades left of soil fertility!   Read more here

5.  Finally, decrease stress and smile more - yeah easy to say I know.  Sometimes or quite often it feels like life sends us a curved ball but if we can reduce our stress and you know what they say laughter is the best medicine it will stand us in good stead. Remember those stress hormones I spoke about above well reducing those will help you sleep and relax more and that is ultimately great for the immune system.  What makes you smile, what helps you relax?  For me a good murder mystery, training and playing with my dogs and binge watching Call The Midwife (again) is my current fave - who doesn’t love Sister Monica Joan?  Did you know there is an online mood managment course?  Read more about it here

Hope that helps - what do you need help with? Can I send you an ebook with more info? A TV boxset recommendation, my fave murder mystery choices or a diffuser blend recipe to help you sleep.  
Let me know what will help and I will cover it in later emails or my social media posts or blog

To learn more about the On Guard range of products have a look at my video telling you more.

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