Keeping me Oiled up for Competitions

So I've just got back from a canicross competition - cani-cross is running with dogs and prior to lock down it was something I competed in approximately twice a month.  I came 3rd in the CaniX  Extreme Female Category for the 2019-2020 season (and just got to pick up my trophy this weekend too as prize giving never happened due to lockdown).  The loss of travelling around in my campervan with my dogs and hooking up with friends has been felt quite a lot and like many people I am not as fit now as I was before lockdown mainly because I had no to access some of my favourite training venues also the app that I used to do a lot of my training plans on Endomondo ceased to exist I have not really found anything that I've liked since.  

Anyway knowing that I wasn't fit I needed a plan so in order to have as much fun and do as well as I could I had certain strategies in place.

First of all energy so I like to use a digestive enzyme in the morning for a training run or a competition the one I use his terrazyme this helps to release energy from your system and give you that little boost also added in there is a little energy supplement called Mito2Max which contains plant extracts and metabolic cofactors I also drank pint of beetroot juice approximately 90 mins before my run.

Now on the Saturday I have to confess I've made a little mistake because I always like to eat something before I run but I had a rather large bowl of oats and I didn't leave enough time before my race to eat them so I was feeling pretty bleurgh n my warm-up and I was thinking I may see the oats again at some point in the race but a little drop of ZenGest which is great for supporting the digestive system knocked back with a bit of water certainly changed my gut from feeling a bit uncomfortable to more able to run a race.

Prior to my run I rubbed my legs down with some Deep Blue which is a muscle rub and just really gets to the place where you need it to be.   It was great on Saturday but was even more beneficial on the Sunday when I was really aching I also layered it up with copaiba on the Sunday as well just to give it a little bit more oomph.  

This is a little video I did all about the products back in the winter and what I use pre and post run.

One extra thing I use is another blend called Air, this is one of my favourites and is great for supporting a clear airway.   I particularly like it when I am running and also to support my airways against seasonal threats.   But I love it when I'm racing because it just seems to help open me up and I'll always apply it somewhere that I can have a little whiff of it just before I get near the finish.   On my wrists and at the last stage of couple of 100m I tell my dogs to go home which is there cue to speed up and I have a little whiff of my wrist and it just helps my lungs seem to expand that little bit more and give me that assistance in my sprint finish.  

After the race I’ll be having a nice shower and then back with more Deep Blue  one my body to ease those legs off as much as possible coupled with some good food and a nice relax and some good sleep.

 I had a brilliant weekend and came third which really surprised me and was very welcome but more than that it was just so good to be back doing a sport that I love and also that my dogs love as well and you can read about them and what I was I use for them and their health and well-being in my Who Paws Wins Blog coming soon

Want to learn more? Drop me a message and get yourself oiled up.

Watch my latest FB Live on this topic

Watch my latest FB Live on this topic

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