5 Reasons Your Natural Remedies May Not Be Working

In  a nutshell these are because people are choosing the :

  1.  Wrong Product
  2. Wrong Use
  3. Wrong Need
  4. Wrong Choice
  5. Wrong Technique

When people tell me their natural remedies are not working I always ask what they are using, where they got them, etc  Buying off the shelf is often not the best idea because one size does not fit all.  There maybe multiple reasons that you are experiencing the health challenges that you want to change.  By talking these over we delve deeper and discover the layers that make it up. 

There is an abundance of essential oils on the market but over 70% have been found to be adulterated in some way - whether that is through pesticide use, dilution or being a synthetic - (you can read more about that here) if you use the wrong product you won’t get the benefits you expect.  Lavender is an amazing product for so much but it may not be the right remedy for you.  I love lavender - do I use it for stress - no,  because I find it makes me sleepy and that is counter-productive to me for a working day.  Let’s look at digestive health - troubled with constipation maybe… why?  Stress?  Food choices?  Poor hydration?  Poor toilet habits?  Poor gut health?  So many different reasons that then drive what you actually need to provide you with a natural solution.  Then you have your natural solution - how do you use it? Smelling it maybe great for stress but for constipation maybe you need to dilute correctly and apply to your abdomen?  Maybe you need to take it internally?  

These are the reasons natural solutions don’t work - not the fact that they are not effective.

Health is multi-faceted and the most effective way to find a solution is to deal with the cause.  For example, I have loads of options to help you sleep but the best option for you is the one that helps you with the cause of poor sleep.  Overactive mind, anxiety, hormonal etc etc - that is why I offer courses in sleep as well as ensuring my clients get access to a whole tonne of free resources so they can find the natural solutions that work best for them.   
Going to someone like for help means you get all the guidance you need plus follow up as well.  I approach my clients the same way I approach my patients and find out the best way to help them, I want to gather all the evidence I can, I ask a lot of questions, history, meds, food, and so on and that is how I can help you use natural solutions to help you and your family.

When clients invest in their health I want to invest in them and give them the best tips on how to use their products.  I do this with a Wellness Consult where we discuss their health and well-being needs for themselves and their family and we create a plan - buying off Amazon or a shop does not give you that same help for free.

I know the techniques to use, the products that will help, the dilutions and so on - when you have a consultation with me you get a complete package.

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