Christmas Peace

The Christmas period can be a like it or loathe, while it can be great fun to see your loved ones it can also bring with it a fair amount of stress whether you are the host or visitor or perhaps it is a time of loneliness or extra work.  So I thought I would suggest a few ways to bring some peace to you.

We all like to pig out in the holidays but make sure you are still eating plenty of fruit and vegetables too - not only will it help your gut health it will help your emotional health too as well as assisting in NOT piling on the pounds

Take your morning hot drink outside into nature.  It's healthy to get a blast of cold when we are spending so much time warm indoors.
Try and stick to an exercise routine even if is just a dog walk, pop your phone away and enjoy the time spent with your canine friend.

Forage some natural items and bring the outside in - holly leaves, pinecones, spruce sprigs, pebbles etc (obviously keep these out of reach of any doggies).
Set any festive lights to still mode (instead of flashing).
Take a break from TV shows and listen to an Audible book instead unless it is the Christmas Special of Call The Midwife - Essential Viewing IMO
Turn the lights down and take a nice bath infused with beautiful essential oils and epsom salts

Try some gentle yoga or meditation I love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube
Give yourself some lovely self-care gifts (perhaps a pair of cosy socks, some gorgeous hand-cream or some lovely essential oils to lift your mood or help you sleep).
Settle into re-reading a favourite book.

Embrace the sweatpants unless you have been in them all year so get dressed up - either way have a break from the norm! 
Ditch the non-essential tasks and just focus on what is truly important, download my hand habit tracker to help you
Keep a tidy bedroom and create a cosy ambience with no technology so if you need to retreat, you have a relaxing place to go without any interruptions.

Diffusing On Guard The Protective Blend not only smells amazing it will help to support the immune system too so pop it into the diffuser (or take one with you) for some Christmas ambiance that is healthy too
Check out this simple recipe for an immune boosting snack too!
  • Ingredients:
  • Sliced apples of choice
  • 3-5 drops of dōTERRA On Guard® Essential Oil
  • Instructions: 
  • 1) Soak apple slices in a bowl of water with essential oil for a few minutes.
  • 2) Drain and enjoy a healthy, immune-boosting snack.

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