Would You Like To Use Essential Oils But Don't Know Where To Start?

Starting with essential oils or any natural wellbeing modality can be daunting as who do you speak to, what websites or books are good, what are bad and that is even before you look at the products.

The internet is a wonderful thing but Dr Google can also be a font of some really poor knowledge and scary too which as a doctor I frequently encounter from worried patients who have been googling their symptoms and come up with a load 2 +2 not equalling 5!.

So this is what I feel are 5 keys areas to address so you can get started 

Firstly, what are your aims, what are you looking to achieve with natural solutions?  Improved sleep, stress reduction, non-toxic living - there are so many options and although probably ultimately encompassing them all, if you have 3 core aims it is a good place to start and will cut down on confusion with too many options.  Popular choices clients tell me are better sleep, less stress, and more energy.  This trio is something that pretty much affects everyone at one time or another.  Is this you?

Secondly, do you want to hit the ground running and really embark on change over a 3 month period or start gradually adding in as you go and just easing into it.   Either is fine, I never want my clients to feel overwhelmed with choices but rather empowered by them.  So thinking back to point 1 about what your aims are - maybe you only have one aim you feel you really want to address right now - so keep that at the forefront.

Thirdly, make sure you get your oils from a reputable source - there are a lot of fake oils around or if not fake they are adulterated and these can have a detrimental effect in two main ways.

 1. They won’t work effectively and therefore leading you to think that essential oils don’t work.
 2.   They have contaminants in them and are therefore not pure (despite being labelled as such) with the inherent issues that can present to your health and well-being especially when using them in the way genuinely pure oils can and should be used.  Some oil brands are for aromatic use only and in fact have warnings on the label not to use on skin.  doTerra oils are certified pure tested grade oils and their lab results where they assess the purity are available to all via the site and the batch number on the oil bottlel.  doTerra oils can be used topically and aromatically and many also internally which makes them such a great option to use for your well-being goals, with 1 drop of doTerra peppermint oil being equivalent to 1 drop of peppermint tea.  

Fourthly, make things simple and get someone qualified who can advise you? There are a variety of ways to dilute oils or apply them topically, not to mention the variety of oils themselves, what blend for what aim and so on.  I remember when I first started using essential oils and boy was it a confusing area of knowing what oil I needed for what and a minefield picking good quality oils.  That is where someone like me comes in.  I take the guesswork out and help you not only find the right choices for your needs and budget but also advise exactly how to use them to maximise the benefits and be there for on-going support as and when you need it.

Finally, knowing how to use them effectively must also go hand in hand with using them safely for not just yourself but also small children or pets living in the house.  Natural solutions are great but do not be fooled into thinking that you can do what you like with them.  Like humans can suffer with water intoxication - yes our lovely elixir of life water can cause problems so can other natural options and it is important to take that into consideration and not forgetting if you are on any medications - your average doctor, trust me I know as this was me a few years ago  won’t know about essential oil use far less if something might react with medication.  Again, this is where someone like myself comes in to advise and make sure you get all the information you need to start but also support you as you go on the Oily path and discover the beautiful benefits of plants.

If you would like to learn more - why not jump on one of my classes or drop me a message and book in for a chat so we can work out what is going to be a good option for your well-being aims, budget and time.

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