Why I Love Essential Oils For My Skin

Skincare is how I started using essential oils.  I had this hyperpigmentation and was aware that it was unlikely to go without some form of dermabrasion an expensive somewhat harsh therapy I wasn’t bothered enough to do, but still thought it would be nice without the dark patches on my skin.  So I though I would investigate some other ways to see if I could eradicate it.

Essential oils came up first in my searching and first of all lemon which I used in a skin toner, I also made a serum using frankincense, myrrh and lavender for use at night.  This combination really saved me a huge amount of money - I had always used good quality, high end products from a natural based company but it had had no effect on the pigmentation and to be honest my acne was flaring as well - but my DIY products really started improving my skin.   These homemade items cost a fraction of what I had been spending on my skin and were making significantly more difference to it.

From here I started experimenting more and more and went from serums to moisturisers and lip balms and even soap.  It was not long before every skincare product in my home became a DIY product.  Not only was I saving money,  huge amounts of money in fact I was reaping the rewards as my hyper-pigmentaiton was disappearing, acne way gone as well, I really could not believe it.
I was using more and more oils and finding the results amazing.

Last year  I had a free gift with my monthly doTerra order (doTerra do this every month it is a great benefit to being a member) of Salubelle and although I was happy with my skin I thought I would give this blend a go.  It is a mix of frankincense, helichrysum and other wonderful oils as a blend designed for its beautifying effects.

For 2 weeks I used it but to be honest I thought it was crap - my skin felt dry and not like its normal feeling when I used my DIY serum.  Then I looked in my downstairs mirror - you know the mirror that that you use for applying your makeup the one with the best lighting that holds no bars, the one you don’t want to look in when tired but there I was looking at my skin and very much aware that fine lines had gone and wrinkles lessened.   I literally could not believe it, even the residual hyper-pigmentation was less.  I realised the dryness I was experiencing was exfoliation - prior to that I did exfoliate every night but that had not made the difference I experienced with Salubelle.  On reading some of the reviews I diluted the products down with fractionated coconut oil to 50% so being more cost-effective but with no perceived difference in efficacy.  

Recently, I have done a number of videos and so many people have commented on how great my skin looks - well this is why!

Not only that but I have not suffered  the effects of wearing a mask with spots all around the mask line like so many regular mask wearers are.  I credit salubelle with this too.
So many natural alternatives that prove time and time again to be more effective than lab produced items.

If you would like to learn more why not come to one of my FREE online classes and/or a 15 min FREE consultation on how essential oils could help you.

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