Rowan and His Hip Dysplasia

Aches and Pains? The  Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex  could be a gamechanger for your dog - to support their musculoskeletal system and here is why

So my springer Rowan started to not want to run in March 2020. It occurred twice on day 2 of a 2 day canicross event both times he had run brilliantly the day before and we were in line for 2nd or 3rd place  but on the Sunday refused to go to the start - it was so odd.  Initially muscular sprain seemed like the most likely issue, due to lockdown X-rays were delayed - as a qualified canine massage therapist I had all the tools I needed to treat the supposed muscular sprain - I also sent videos of him walking to 2 physio friends and my vet for a second opinion.

The general consensus was muscular I initially had him on pain relief but after I added in frankincense and copaiba to his food he didn’t need anything else apart from the regular massage, strength and conditioning exercises and photizo red light therapy (see my shop for more info about this) and although he was doing brilliant and moving well he just was not ready to return to running.
As soon as it was possible I got xrays with my brilliant vet and the diagnosis was hip dysplasia on the left - treatment options were simply pain relief and nutriceuticals - from a pain point of view I had no concerns I had down analgesia trials and found no difference whether he was on or off them (this is so important to do as dogs - especially springers so easily hide their pain, I researched all the nutriceuticals but to be honest I wasn’t happy - I am vegan - my dogs are not but I don’t like the way chondroitin or glucosamine is sourced and so that was a definite no no for the ethics - and tbh as they are fed a BARF diet they get enough of G&C.  For plant-based options there was not a lot of evidence and conflicting reports so I decided to turn to my trusty oils and as he is over 18kg I made use of the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex this supplement is chock full of anti-oxidants which aid to reduce inflammation - inflammation is caused by free-radicals and anti-oxidants essentially scoop them up and stop them causing a problem - I always liken it to a game of pac man - are you old enough to remember that classic game? I am clearly showing my age!

The effects were awesome in less than a month the boy Rowan was back running and in our next cani-cross event a few months later we got 2nd place on a hilly route on the Isle of Mull!  All thanks to the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex which was the only change I made to his routine when I got the diagnosis.
This is suitable for dogs over about 18kg 1 per day.

Obviously this is a human supplement so if you also suffer with inflammation then this could really help you too and you can take 1 to 2 a day - it really is a gamechanger

Here is a video I did earlier in the year about my dogs and their arthritis as Evie got diagnosed in the October - another blog coming  A Tail of 2 Springers

Get in touch to discuss your needs human or dog and let me sort you out a members discount as well as a tonne of extra bonuses.

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